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Gaston was very fearful and needed to feel secure. He was adopted by a couple who took all the time needed to bring him a sense of security. He is now a very happy and affectionate cat!
Valentine was living on the streets. Then she was adopted by a family who already had a tabby cat. Now both cats play and sleep together. They simply lead a superb, regal life!
Patoche has made his adoptive family very happy.
Caramello was adopted by a family who had a 3-year old boy. He has brought a lot of joy to the little boy and to the entire household.
After being found in the middle of winter, tired and starving, Ulysse now lives with a young lady who gives him all the affection and cuddles he never got when he was living on the streets.
Ronron now lives peacefully with a family who loves him very much. He finally has a good life after being homeless and hungry.
Kirida is now a very happy cat since being adopted by a young couple.
Gustave was abandoned by a family who simply didn't want him anymore, after 7 years... He was lucky to be adopted by a family who already had other, younger, cats. This family was looking for a very affectionate cat and Gustave now leads a very happy life.
"Nataq, our only feline companion, had been living with us for 4 years already. Nataq was an indoor cat, sweet, affectionate and very playful. But we could tell he was sometimes lonely, since he was often left alone during the day in a modest apartment (4 ). So we obliged him and played with him as much as we could to distract him, but we could tell it just wasn't enough. That's when we considered adopting another cat, thinking it would probably brighten Nataq's day and provide him with a new friend. But we had to find a cat whose personality would fit with Nataq's, which is no easy task, since you can't tell much about a cat by opening its cage and petting it for a few minutes. But that's often what people have to do when looking to adopt a pet. So you can imagine our interest when we found Project Sphinx's web site! Not only is this a non-profit organization dedicated to helping abandoned and homeless cats, which would give us the chance to provide a better life to a cat who really needed it (and unfortunately, there are many such cats out there), but also, because the cats first live in foster homes, Sphinx's volunteers really know the personality and disposition of all their cats. Without any hesitation, we went to an adoption day and that's where we met Pèlerin, who was presented to us as a very playful cat, totally sweet with other cats. This was exactly the kind of companion we were hoping to find for Nataq. Pèlerin has been with us for 2 months and we are really pleased. Nataq and him are a charming duo and they get along very well. Together they run, roll over one another, sleep next to each other, and even groom each other! It's more than we could have hoped for. Now, Nataq is no longer lonely, Pèlerin has found a good, loving home, and they will both grow old together, strengthening their newfound friendship, which is destined to last."

Dounia and Christian

"Hugo adapted really quickly to our home. He was described to us by Sphinx as a sweet, sociable and affectionate cat, and that is indeed exactly how he is. On his first night in our house, he slept with us, and we have since become inseparable! He makes us laugh with his sweet little face and we are very happy to have him with us! He is very sweet and affectionate! We've only had him for a few days and it's like he's been with us forever! Our experience with Project Sphinx has been simply excellent, you were able to answer all our questions and really understood the kind of cat we were looking for. Our many thanks to your entire team, and keep up the great work! Sincerely"

Carolyn & Kirk, Ste-Anne-des-Plaines

Minette was a adopted by a gentleman who was looking for a quiet female cat. He is very pleased with having her in his home - she even slept on the bed at his feet on her first night there! Minette had been waiting for an adoptive home for several months, and she is very happy to be in a calm, loving environment, because that is exactly what she needed.
Sushi was adopted by an elderly lady who has always had a cat in her life. She was not looking for a young cat, she simply wanted a calm and affectionate one. She is very pleased to have Sushi with her and thinks she is very sweet! Sushi had been abandoned simply because her previous owners didn't want pets anymore. Fortunately for this adorable cat, she has finally found a responsible and loving home.
Grizou, 3 years old, was cowardly abandoned when his previous owners moved to another home. Grizou was adopted by a family where there is a 3-year old little girl. They already had a 6-month old cat, and wanted to find a feline friend for him. Grizou immediately got along with his new kitten friend, who plays a lot with him and has become much less of a rascal! Also, since Grizou is very calm and very sweet, he is perfectly suited for this family. They are very happy with the new feline member of the household!
"Hi, my name is Louba and I'm an enchantress! That's why my new adoptive family simply fell in love with me, and since then, there's no letting me go! I share my days with 2 other cats: the brave and fussy Skiny and the very sweet, completely white, Chloé. My new owner has nicknamed us her funny ladies, and that suits us perfectly. I am still a bit fearful, but I certainly don't mind getting brushed or petted. I have to go now, my mouse is waiting for me. Thank you for helping our cause!"
Simon Simon was found while he was crossing a busy street in Montreal last summer, and he was almost run over by a car! Like many of his homeless buddies, he was left behind when his previous owners moved, and he was rescued by Sphinx. He was then adopted by a very good family, who was looking for a companion for their 3-year old cat. The adaptation period took 2 weeks, and then the cats became simply inseparable: they play and sleep together, and they even groom each other! His adoptive family is simply enchanted to have him. We have seen Simon since, he has grown into a very happy cat!

"Midnight was on the street during a cold November night last year. When I took him in, at first I only wanted to be a foster home. But the happiness this cat brings us when he greets us at the door every night is unbelievable! I decided to permanently adopt Midnight, who has since become my treasure. I really enjoy it when he comes to sit on my lap as I'm working on my computer. Midnight is now my companion, he is there when I work, when I'm alone waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work late at night, he watches TV next to me and he sleeps at my feet. I cannot imagine the long days of working from home without my Midnight! I offered him a roof and he has brought me all this affection I can no longer live without.

Thank you Midnight!!!

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