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Here is an update about Shalom / Puff. She is doing really well, and I'm very pleased to have helped her come such a long way in a short time, my little rascal who was so fearful! We needed white gloves to approach her and even then. But she has since become glued to my side! She spends the evening next to me on MY chair - she has abandoned her own chair! As soon as I go to the kitchen, there she is, around my legs. And is she ever chatty! The only problem is that she has no voice, so all that comes out are tiny meows! But her lack of voice makes no difference to her, she still wants to use it all the time! Then again, I always answer her back, so that might explain why she's constantly chatting! She is very sweet, intelligent and playful. Her most recent game is to steal and hide the tub stopper. Needless to tell you, I can spend quite some time looking for it! And as soon as I put it back beside the tub, she returns (naturally she was watching to see if I would find it), and hides it again. Please don't hesitate to publish my letter. If it can help even one person adopt a fearful cat, it will be worth it. If they are fearful and wild, it's because they had to fight for their food. Personally, I have no regrets at all. All you need is a little patience and a lot of love - with that attitude, you will win the cat over. Now, there's only one thing on which I will never win with her. As long as she is alone with me, I can do just about anything. But as soon as she hears the doorbell or someone else's voice, she immediately hides. I don't think she will ever willingly go towards visitors, but so what? I didn't adopt her for the benefit of my visitors! Thank you to Sphinx for introducing me to Shalom. She brings me a lot of happiness and I hope I will be able to keep her for 20 years, like I did my old Katou.
Jenai was adopted by a lady who loves persian cats and who will know how to take good care of her. She will now lead the life of a princess, with three new friends: TempÍte, Brioche and Sophie.
I would like to give you some news about Zoé. Well, she has just charmed everyone! She is an amazingly affectionate cat, who will put her paws around our neck when we pick her up! She loves to play hide and seek, especially behind the shower curtain, and even sits on the side of the tub when I'm taking a bath. I could not have asked for a better cat.
…velyne .
Loustic & Spoutnik
These two adorable kittens will have the chance to grow up together with a family who will give them plenty of love and attention. The couple who adopted them was referred to Sphinx by their daughter, Dounia, who adopted her cat Pélerin from us.
Miss-Tique & Chopine
They were adopted by a gentleman who already had a dog. Lots of playtime in store for these three new friends and their master!
She was injured and very skinny when she was rescued, but Trésor has now found a family to take good care of her.
Thumbo & Tagg
Tagg and Thembo were adopted by a couple. They will now have a family who will take good care of them for their entire life. They are thrilled to have been adopted together, they will be playing and living the good life side by side!
Patch was adopted by his foster home. He will now lead a peaceful life with a family who will love and protect him for the rest of his life. He can now sleep soundly and being homeless will soon be a very distant memory.
Sandy is an affectionate little cat. She was found homeless, on the street. She has now found a loving adoptive family.
Was adopted by a gentleman who will provide him with a peaceful home.
Tykka was born under a balcony, when it was -20 degrees; one of her siblings died from the freezing cold. We rescued the entire litter along with their moms. Tykka was lucky enough to be adopted by a family who already had a cat and she now leads a very happy life.
Nuage was left alone outside by himself most of the time, then he was irresponsibly left behind by his previous owners when they moved. But now he has been adopted by a responsible family where he leads a good life. He receives all the food and care he needs and all the affection he wants!
Princesse was adopted by a couple who already had a 3-year old cat. She now receives all the cuddles she needs and she has a buddy to play with. She was once abandoned and homeless, but now she is really happy!
Marble comes from the same litter as Tykka. She was born under a balcony, when it was -20 degrees; one of her siblings died from the freezing cold. We rescued the entire litter along with their moms. Marble was adopted by Sophie and now shares a beautiful apartment with a 3-year old cat. Everything is going really well for both cats and Marble gets all the cuddles she wants!
Moustache (on the left) has finally found the family he needed. Young and energetic, he needs a lot of play time! He was adopted by a couple who already had a playful, 1-year old cat. They now get along famously.
Right away, Chichi seduced the young lady who adopted her. She was very happy to be the only pet in the house, to receive all the affection she wants. After being abandoned at the age of 5 (not sterilized and never vaccinated), she can now have a great life!

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