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  Fidel & Che
These two brothers were adopted together by a young man, who will take good care of them and give them the chance to grow up together. Many thanks to their foster home, Yannick and her friend, who took very good care of them and gave them back some confidence before they were adopted.
  Groupie & Amélie
These two sisters were adopted together by a very caring family, who was able to quickly gain their trust. They could not have asked for a better home, where they will be loved and very well cared for.

was adopted by a young lady who now takes very good care of him. Thanks to Nathalie who took him in this winter and took care of him until he could find a permanent family.


His beautiful yellow eyes quickly seduced the young man who adopted him. Charlot endured the hardships of being homeless this winter, and now he can purr in his new and warm, loving home.

has been adopted by a lady who already had a 10-year old cat. She now lives in a large home where she can play and finally feel at home.



has been adopted. For 2 years he had been fed outside and has known all the suffering related to homelessness. The story of his adoption is a real fairy tale. This little cat had been deeply scarred by life and was very fearful. However, he cuddled up to his new mistress during his first night in his new home. We thank her from the bottom of our heart for giving Rubby the chance to find a loving family.
  Twinkie & Binkie
were lucky to be adopted together. It was love at first sight for the young man who adopted them, and judging by all the purring that went on when he took them in his arms, the feeling was completely mutual!
was adopted by a couple who was looking for a companion for their cat. He now lives in a large appartment where he can play and has found a family who will take good care of him.
has been adopted. After being rescued from the cold, Azalée is now with a good family with whom she will lead a happy life.
has been adopted.
has been adopted. She now has 3 new playmates and lives with a loving family.
has been adopted by a young man who takes good care of him.
has been adopted.
has been adopted by a family who already had a cat, Lolita, and the two cats are now the best of friends!
was adopted together with another kitten, Oliver. They will now be leading a happy and peaceful life with their new family.

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