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Find out more about Project Sphinx:

Who are we?
Project Sphinx is recognized by the government as a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals. (Registration Number: 863505442RR0001)
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Our team
Johanne founded Project Sphinx over 10 years ago. Throughout the years, other people have joined her team. Every member of the team is a volunteer who gives whatever time they have. All are motivated and sensitive to the same cause: the protection of animals.
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We are located in Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Our little rescued friends
Our infrastructure allows us to save mostly cats, but we occasionally save dogs. We have cats of all ages and of all colours. Kittens are ready for adoption as young as 2-3 months old, but never younger than that, because they must be weaned before being adopted. They are also vaccinated and treated for worms.

As of the age of 6 months, the cats are sterilized as well as vaccinated and treated for worms.
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Our satisfaction
Successful adoptions!
Finding a good home, where the animal will be well cared for, loved and fed, and receive everything needed for its well-being! SIMPLY giving the animal a REAL second chance for the rest of its life! Please read our Testimonials page to find out more about our cats who have been adopted.
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Our mandate

  • Protect animals who are in danger, and rescue them when they are lost or hurt, or when they have been abandoned or mistreated. The animals are then treated, sterilized and vaccinated.
  • Finding responsible adoptive homes where they will receive all the food and care necessary to their well-being.
  • Raise awareness and educate the public with respect to the well-being of animals.
  • Educate the public about the terrible condition of homeless animals in Québec and on the importance of having a pet sterilized.

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Our rule

We do not euthanize our animals, unless they are in too much pain and there is nothing else that can be done.
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Where do the animals stay while they are waiting to be adopted?
The animals live in foster homes while they are waiting to be adopted into a loving and responsible adoptive family. The foster homes are:

  • People who cannot, for the moment, adopt an animal for life;
  • People who already have one or more animals and who can temporarily care for another animal waiting to be adopted.

Foster homes are doing a great job and we thank them!

As well as offering a temporary home to these abandoned animals, our foster homes give us the chance to get to know really well the animal's character and disposition. The animal will be given all the time required if it needs to be socialized again and to rebuild its trust in human beings. Would you like to be a foster home? Contact us.
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Why is there a need for our organization?
There are over 2 million homeless cats in Québec (vs. 7.5 million citizens). This estimate is probably lower than the actual number.

Knowing that a feline couple can create a lineage of over 20,000 cats in 4 years (!), the only solution to eradicate the problem of feline overpopulation is to raise public awareness about the importance to have a pet sterilized. There are also hundreds of thousands of abandoned animals in Quebec each year! When an animal becomes homeless, it suffers from lack of food, from diseases to which it suddenly becomes exposed and, naturally, from all the hardships generated by our country's climate.

Faced with the lack of applied laws to protect animals in our province, with the inertia of our public institutions with respect to feline overpopulation and with the suffering of these homeless animals, animal rescue organizations are founded and they try, with what little means they have, to fight this terrible situation which is unacceptable in a "developed" country such as ours.
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How can you adopt one of our cats?
Please check out our Cats for adoption section to find out more about a few of our cats who are looking for a home. Fill out the form to contact us and come see the cats during an adoption day.

We organize regular adoption days (about 3 times per month), usually on a Saturday morning, on the Plateau in Montreal. Appointments can be made to visit the cats during the week.

People who are interested in adopting a cat come to see us to find the cat who is best suited to them. Everyone has a different lifestyle and we will advise you on the best cat to suit that lifestyle.
For us, the important thing is that adoptive families are thrilled with their choice and that the cats live in an environment that is suitable for them. We will tell you everything you need to know about a cat's character and behaviour.
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What happens once you have found "your cat"?
We always bring the cats to their future adoptive home.
We also ask for a donation for each adoption. This allows us to rescue other animals. Your donations are used entirely to vaccinate, sterilize and feed other abandoned animals.
We usually suggest a donation of $150 to adopt a cat. This covers only a portion of the cost of the cat's sterilization and vaccination.

For each donation you will receive an income-tax receipt.

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Any problem?
If, for whatever reason, the adoption doesn't work out (for example, if the cat doesn't adapt to another pet), no need to worry. We will take the animal back without condition.
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Where exactly do the animals come from?
The animals are often found hurt and/or starving.
Their stories are often similar: irresponsible people have abandoned them because they simply didn't want them anymore (for example when they move to another house), or they have not been sterilized and are abandoned with their offspring. The animals are then often left in the street or a few blocks away because their owners cannot behave responsibly. These animals have also often been hurt or tortured, and we have to rebuild their trust in human beings. Sometimes, we find pregnant or nursing cats who have been abandoned, even in the middle of winter.

We must all understand that an animal is not an object or a toy that exists to provide a distraction or to match the colour of our couch! An animal is a living being capable of feeling emotions such as pain, sadness and abandonment.
Adopting an animal is a responsibility. The animal gives you its trust and its loyalty for its entire life and in return, it only asks to be loved and cared for.
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You have found an animal and cannot keep it?
Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all the urgent requests we receive.
We try to do the best that we can, but we are often overwhelmed, as are most animal rescue organizations (lack of space and mostly lack of financial means).
If you decide to bring to animal to the Montreal SPCA or to Berger blanc, it will most likely be euthanized within a few days.

Please check out our Info and Links sections, then contact us, we will try to provide advice and help you find a solution.
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How can we continue our work?
We regularly organize fundraising campaigns to enable us to continue our work (lotteries, shows, bazaars, etc.). Visit our site regularly for all the latest information or subscribe to our newsletter.
Project Sphinx has an urgent need for donations, we cannot continue our mission without the help of people who care about the protection of animals and believe in our work.
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